V-KNOW-IT was created with the vision of providing low-cost bi-lingual computer training for the novice user and the advanced user. We have many professional trainers in our staff that had jobs with Department of Health & Human Services, NASA, Department of Commerce, Federal Communications Commission, NAVY Medicine, ARMY, House of Representatives, Homeland Securities, The World Bank, The Monetary Fund as System Engineers, SharePoint Admins/Developers, Architects and SME’s.

  • We also have seasoned trainers that have taught in CompUSA, Knowlogy, Montgomery College & UMUC. They have joined V-KNOW-IT to provide real-life training to prepare you to gain the skills necessary to find jobs with the Government with benefits that can help you pay your university education with the benefits they provide.
  • We have VKNOWIT programs that engage participants to deliver the exact skills required for each profession. The model is immersive and intensive.
  • We focus on specialized training modules created by VKNOWIT, which integrates technical, behavioral, and mindset skills that are necessary for on-the-job requirements.
  • The majority of the VKNOWIT curriculum emphasizes on practical tasks. Approaches include simulations (physical and/or digital), interactive animations and real-life tasks.
  • Assessment is done on a regular basis, ensuring that problems are identified and addressed. VKNOWIT graduates must show mastery of all necessary skills.
  • Instruction is delivered in many different ways. VKNOWIT instructors will provide stand-up live training, there will be videos created from the live training for a monthly subscription on the VKNOWIT website.


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Other educational institutions have too many students per room and move at a fast pace, thereby losing the student. The student leaves the course without preparation for the test and without the skills to find a job.

At VKNOWIT, the student gets the necessary preparation & strengthens their basic skills. The student is able to pass the test and use their certification to apply for an internship. We want all of our students to learn with self-paced lessons and study guides so that even the beginners can be helped. There are three-month and six-month payment plans. We provide small groups and courses at night & weekends. Our group of professional trainers will answer all your questions regarding the courses that interest you. Many of our trainers bring real-life situations to the classroom. We will provide stand-up training at our Technology Center. There will be online courses for a low monthly fee in the near future so that you can sign-in from anywhere in the world to learn from videos of our live training.


  1. Call to reserve an appointment with one of our Training Coordinator’s.
  2. Fill out a registration form & sign up with us.
  3. There are two payment plans available.
  4. You will receive a personalized career guidance.
  5. The Trainer will have a one-on-one with each student before and after the course ends.
  6. Once you finish the course, you will receive a VKNOWIT diploma.
  7. We will help you create your resume and contact our partners to find a paid internship.
  8. You can call the Help Desk (10) times for assistance to tasks given in your internship.

To request a complimentary informational meeting, contact us at vknowitllc arroba gmail punto com or 240-460-8556, so that we may customize your needs whether you need short-term or long-term training.

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